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Ballet, Ballet for Kids classes in Camden Town, North London

Why Exercise with us?

EnoDanse has on offer different classes for all ages, from kids to Silver Swans. We believe it is never too late to be a ballerina, so if you are 4, 18 or 60, please come sweat & sparkle with EnoDanse in the class of your choice!

We are excited to go back to the studios in September and we will keep online classes if you wish to keep dancing from your own home!

We make sure that our classes are
... inclusive to everyone, so everyone can learn at their own pace, but in a fun environment! Ballet is a discipline, but we believe you can combine discipline & laugh.

Classes taught by Enora Tribotte, Royal Academy of Dance registered Teacher.
Being French, she makes sure her students learn the correct names of the steps in French. How exciting! So join in the fun now!

We cannot wait to sweat, sparkle & dance with you all!
DBS Insured By: Gallagher

DBS: Yes
Insured By: Gallagher

Call  0330 122 4572

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